Perfect Spring Soundtrack: Black Horse Motel!

I discovered the band that is currently on permanent repeat modus on my iPod only two weeks ago, on the release day of their first album Red Summer Spirit. Now I’m in love with Black Horse Motel and their indie-folk tunes. Their sound is something in between happy and melancholic, which I think is a great and thrilling mixture. So I guess, I already found my very own spring soundtrack!

Have fun while listening!

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4 Kommentare zu „Perfect Spring Soundtrack: Black Horse Motel!“

  1. Very good,I like that.Perhaps you should try WILCO „Summerteeth“,16 Horsepower,Wovenhand,
    Mojave 3,Vetiver,Mazzy Star,Opal….enjoy and have fun.

    1. Thank you so much for these great suggestions :). I listened to all of them and enjoyed them a lot! I especially liked Vetiver – it will be not the first time that I listened to them for sure!

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