Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

New YearAfter our New Year’s Eve Party 2012. Twelve long months ago. Pic by Franzi.

Wow, the last twelve months flew by with an incredible velocity. 2012 is nearly gone. 2013 is already knocking at our doors. I was starting into this year with the feeling of being at a point in my life at which some decisions had to be made and that I was ready for some new turns. In the end, I only fulfilled half of all my New Year’s resolutions. No new guitar yet, my dancing was put onto hold and running… well I did run a lot (from train station to train station, from one appointment to another), but not so many times in the nature to improve my running skills. BUT here are the good news: Most of the last twelve months I spent with people I love, I went out more often (yes my dear friends, I know this is an understatement) and hurrah – I went on blogging (400 visits a day – wow!). Did I learn something during this last year? Yes, I learned to be more honest with myself as well as with others. I learned that my home is my castle and that sometimes my soul deserves a little rest from all the traveling around. I learned that one cannot explain everything and that sometimes one just has to deal with a situation, because complaining does not change anything. I learned a lot about myself. And that’s why I made one single resolution for the new year 2013: In my private life, I would like to be a bit calmer (okay, lets call it a bit less crazy) – to be more with myself and at a place I like to be (my home). That’s all. The rest will be crazy enough ;).

Thank you all for accompany me during this whole year of 2012 and have a nice party tonight!

See you in 2013 (yes, tomorrow)!

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