Crazy! …is the new normal

Pic by Franzi.

My life is full of  craziness. I mean, my life is full of crazy people. I did mention this one already, didn’t I? It’s like it always was. Honestly, I’m born into a crazy family. I grew up in a crazy time, in a crazy city. There were crazy friends and, yes indeed, there always were some normal ones as well – or some that were perceived as what one would declare as normal from the outside. But the latter ones were only very seldom the people with any big impact onto my life. I stuck with the crazy people; this were the guys I met, liked (or hated) instantly and then… they turned my life up-side-down. If it finally calmed down again, something was changed: My whole self, my perception on my own life or on the life of the others, my way of thinking, my way of behaving, my way of dealing with problems, the way other people were looking onto me or just everything. But always, always, always – it turned out to be a positive change. Not in every case on the first glimpse, but yes – even in the one single situation so far, where I thought the whole time ‚How the f*** should I ever see something positive in it?!’ – it always brought me somewhere and finally made me the person I am today. And I am proud of this person. Not perfect at all, but someone who has gone a long way with a little help of some really crazy friends and frenemies. Thus, put me into a room full of ordinary people and one slightly crazy one. You can be sure as hell, this one person is the one I will notice first and certainly find the most interesting. That’s how it always was …and I was perfectly happy with it. Only recently, I notice that there is a limit to the craziness I am able to endure. It seems that in today’s society, everyone without any sign of potential craziness would be seen as not-so-interesting. And everyone tries to be somehow special. Thus, there’s a growing number of people with eccentric spleens, crazy decisions and resolutions, or even crazier actions in our lives. But are these guys really special? Or are they just as ordinary as everyone else – crying aloud for more attention? I really don’t now. What I know on the other side is that to deal with more and more craziness in my own social life, is not only consuming a lot of my attention, but also of my power, strengths and thoughts. And you know what?! That isn’t very special or interesting anymore. No, on the contrary – it becomes boring. It has nothing to do with the authentic, pure craziness I will always and forever embrace with open arms. It is completely artificial and forgets everything about the real life. The worst: it leads to nothing. No further developing, no positive outcomes at all. So why is everyone trying so hard to be crazier than everyone else? Personally, I decided that the next time I will come into a room full of crazy people and only one normal guy, I will go straight to the ordinary one and spent my time with him or her. Because life needs not only up-side-downs, but also a place to relax and rest.

I think this one needs no specifically dedication…

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  1. I applaud to your resolution! And i sincerely hope i belong to the normal people in your life still having somewhat of an impact even if it’s only lending you my ear.. 🙂 and if you want to come over to our place, we’ll try to offer you a place of rest and normality. So looking forward to such an evening with you we really have to do that sometime! xxx

    1. Thanks for offering me a place to rest and relax :)! And yeah, clearly I count you to the good ones. I’m really looking forward meeting you again … hopefully soon ;)! XO

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