The Molecular HUGO!

Pic by Franzi.

Last weekend I participated at a cookery course. The topic: Molecular Gastronomy. We made bubble tea-like capsules from carrot juice / tzatziki and pasta from panna cotta… I have to admit that it is not the kind of cooking I prefer in my own kitchen, but after all it was fun trying these crazy things out. The best recipe of the day (and the only one I will repeat for sure) was the Molecular Hugo: The classic Hugo – a popular cocktail here in Germany made with prosecco and elderflower syrup – topped with a thick prosecco/elderflower foam. This was a delicious treat!

Recipe: Adapted from the Biozoon cookery course. Serves app. 3.

Ingredients: 500 ml prosecco, 75 ml lime juice, 125 ml elder flower syrup, a few leaves of fresh mint, app. 5-6 TblSps cellulose powder (available HERE or ask in your pharmacy)

Preparation: Mix 300 ml prosecco, the elderflower syrup and the lime juice with the mint leaves. Add the cellulose powder and mix thoroughly with a blender (or even better: filter the mixture into a Seltzer Bottle and spray it into a large bowl). Fill half of the cocktail glasses with prosecco and top it with the foam.

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