Boo! … It’s Halloween (soon)!

Halloween as festivity is quite new for me. I always thought of it as an U.S. kind of thing. But times are changing and it seems to be more and more to be celebrated here in Germany as well. Two years ago, the first kids in costumes were ringing at my door, I opened (slightly confused why they were looking so odd) and the only treat I was able to offer them were MANDARINS. I was only lucky that the poor kids were as confused of this healthy treat as I was by the whole situation… this saved me of any mean tricks. This year I am well prepared: I will be out – at a Halloween party inventively themed „green“ (the host wants to have an opportunity to wear at least once his Kermit the Frog costume).

Web Ideas:

Easy DIY ghost decoration via A Beautiful Mess Ombre DIY pumpkin via Funkytime Frightening cupcake decoration via The Craft West Trick or Treat Candy Storage System via The House of Smith Printable Halloween wraps via minieco Pumpkin flower vase via Better Homes and Gardens.

Have a good (and not too spooky) start into this fresh week, everyone!

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  1. Hey Franzi, again loving your post! This green halloween party is ingenious! I wonder how many The incredible Hulks there’ll be.. 😉 Have a nice week-start!

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