What I’m listening to right now…

With the beginning of the new month it’s also time to share some of the songs with you that are currently on permanent rotation modus for me! I couldn’t really decide for my top three this time. Thus, now you have to listen to five titles … but it’s worth it. Believe me 😉

Liz Phair-Fuck and Run:

Some things need to be said out loud. And this song does it. Thank you so much for it, Liz Phair of the 90s!

Bloc Party-Octopus:

Bloc Party just released their new album Four. They are still crazy …and that’s exactly what I like!

Spector-What you wanted:

I said this one already: I just can’t resist this certain kind of dirty rockabilly. Spector’s first album Enjoy it while it lasts was released in August and if I would have to predict something about their success, I would say: „They are the next BIG thing!“.

Bear in Heaven-The Reflexion of You:

The child of the 80s inside me simply can’t withstand these synthesizers!

J.D. McPherson-North Side Gal:

…speaking of dirty rockabilly…

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