Mr. Curiosity or High Expectations…

Right now, I’m eating tons of licorice… and wonder why my life is always crazy. I know, I would be bored otherwise, but today it’s not the first time I’m thinking that it’s enough for a lifetime. A few hours ago, a dear friend told me that I have an entertaining factor because of all the stories I’m experincing daily and I’m sure it’s nice to be seen as a person who is uncommon. Thus, I take this as a compliment. Nevertheless, I think someone should overtake my position as drama magnet for a while. I’m quite exhausted and need a break from chaos. So please, can everyone be just boring normal and act like expected… only for a few weeks? It would be really nice to sit together with a group of girls and to drink, talk and laugh without the mention of some guy, who just turned the world of one of us upside-down again (which, me excluded, happened three times this week alone).

May the root of our problems be the high expectations we have on the male population in general? Are MY expectations too high?…

I don’t need to be happy 24/7. I don’t ask for Mr. Perfect(ion).  I don’t ask for someone who get’s my point always immediately. And please, I don’t need someone without any story of himself or someone who hasn’t any life or problems of his own. Actually, I don’t know how my match should be, but I know I need someone, who…

Takes me as I am…. yes, even if I’m not interested in soccer, but have 50 unread books on my to-do list and am always mentally involved with either music or art or writing or save the planet or humanity stuff.

Accepts differences. It should be okay to act sometimes in a way that the other person wasn’t expecting.

Tells me if he has a problem with me/us/our relationship/ a certain situation. More or less immediately, cause that’s the moment to deal with it.

Is brave enough to go into a discussion with me. It’s not hard to convince me of a certain position, but I always need to be allowed to express my own point of view.

Knows  me well enough to understand that I’m a person who will never give up when she thinks a person is worth it.

Credits the beautiful moments together. Those are the times one has to enjoy and to relax into. Nothing more.

For C. It’s complicated. But no matter how the future will look like, we need a good talk. Trust me. You’re worth it.

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3 Kommentare zu „Mr. Curiosity or High Expectations…“

  1. Wow! My first impulse was to „like“ this like in facebook.. there you go girl get it all out. As for the sitting with a bunch of girls and drinking, how about you invite us all over to your place and we have a girl’s night? I can be as normal as anyone 😉 Big hugs!

    1. Thanks gal 🙂 The FB option will hopefully come end of this month (still no promise). Until now, it’s only possible to share my posts via the comment function — hint, hint 😉 And I will definitely think about the girls night – but how can we be sure that all of us will be in a happy mood then, without any heartache?! I’m afraid there will be no guarantee… Hugs!

      1. There might not be any guarantee but there might be alcohol and girls to pour your heart out so we might still make it a night to remember 😉 reminds me of destiny’s child song „girl“ 🙂

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