July Favs

With the beginning of July more than the half of the year 2012 is gone already. Time is running incredibly fast! … And I’m still working on all my new year’s resolutions. How hard can it be to buy a guitar?! Nevertheless, I’m happy to enjoy the heat and the sunshine and all those flowers… and ice-cream and swimming and BBQs… I guess you know what I mean! I wish you all a hot month full of unforgettable summer adventures!

Apple, Basil and Feta Flatbread by A beautiful Mess … can something to eat look more like summer than this? Yummi!

Still in love with SOLO by Lizzy Stewart …Replace blue with black and you have the perfect picture of my own wardrobe.

What an adorable knitted coat (by The Knit Kid)!

This book-case collection would totally fit into my life… I should think about using old wine boxes, too! Via apartment therapy.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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