Leisure Evenings

All pics in this post by Franzi.

Over the past two years, I developed a kind of tradition: At least one evening the week is booked for some me-time; normally either Wednesday or Friday. A few leisure hours. Time to cook something easy, drink a glass of wine (or a beer), watch my favorite tv series (that would be Wednesday) or a serious talk show (that’s Friday), try to complete this damn jigsaw a started some MONTHS ago…

These are the evenings I like most. And I wanted to share with you some of my cooking routine I follow during these special nights. The last weeks were really dominated by the oh-so-tasty pimientos de padròn, but last friday I finally came back to a real classic: I grabbed every vegetable available in my kitchen and nearly every herb I found on my balcony and roasted it all together in a big pot. Afterwards I added some tomato purée and some water, let it cook for a few more minutes, spiced it with pepper and salt and voliá… together with some flatbread I had the most simple, most tasty, most healthy leisure evening meal!

What do you prepare at those evenings for yourself? Do have such personal treats? I would be very happy to know!

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  1. Wow yummi! I sure do have treats like this: some time ago, it was always pasta and cheese, like mac’n’cheese. I guess that’s become too much calories to be a once-a-week kind of treat 😉 so now, i treat myself with series such as modern family and gossip girl and eat my muesli or a yoghurt 😉

    1. Wow, I admire you self control 🙂 For me, these are the nights I allow myelf to indulge in everything I like… even if it would be mac’n’cheese – which sounds actually like a fab idea!

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