What I listen to right now…

I think it’s time again to tell you what is on my playlist right now. It’s always a hard decision to select single songs, because if I’m hooked by a band or a singer I really want to dedicate them a whole single post. That’s the reason why some of the currently most played songs don’t appear here today, but will come very soon. And nevertheless, my neighbors will sign you without doubt any statement which claims that the songs presented here are played on permanently repeat modus as well. Oh, how I love the season with the open balcony door!

Iron & Wine – Trouble
A pure song, a perfect cover (listen below to Little Feat’s original version), perfect for summer. Listen to it HERE (There are severe problems regarding the compatibility between soundcloud and firefox at the moment :/ Thus, providing you the link seems to be the safest alternative).

Rufus Wainwright-Out of the Game
This song uses clear words and makes me just feel good. Thanks Isa for recommending it!

Icona Pop – I love it
You know, sometimes also a grown-up girl has to be crazy and dance through her flat… I do this right now – with Icona Pop in my ears: I DON’T CARE – I LOVE IT!!

Lia Ices – Love is Won
And this I listen to in my quieter moments:

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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