It’s Party Time! Let’s Play!

Here they come, the final days of this year. So, this week is dedicated to everything that has to do with party, celebrating, the past and the coming year.

I would like to begin with a topic I promised potential new readers of My so-called Luck on a party last week – PARTY GAMES! They are badly needed either as warm-up at a party where not many people know each other (yet) or if the party is going on very well and people are just in the mood for playing.

Here comes a list with my games suggestions:

1. Who am I? – Wer bin ich?

I played this one last month with a bunch of girls at a X-Mas Party. It was hilarous…and I was Jesus! HERE you find an instruction.

2. Spin the bottle/Truth or dare – Flaschendrehen/Wahrheit oder Pflicht

Okay, that’s the one we all played as teens in strong anticipation of our first kiss (a German instruction plus ideas for truth AND dare you find HERE). But when I’m thinking about it, I would really like to play it again. Maybe in combination with these great conversation starter cards (either in English or in German).

3. German New Years Eve tradition: Lead Pouring/Bleigießen

Meld the lead over a candle, then shock-freeze it in cool water and, afterwards, analyze the form. It will make predictions of how your next year will turn out to be. Great fun! And wild predictions

4. Murderer

This game is quite psychological since you have to identify the murderer or you will be killed by him very soon… In the end every guest is under suspicion.

 5. Wooden spoons

Hmm, guessing someones identity by feeling him with wooden spoons? Sounds strange, could be fun…. HERE is an instruction.

6. Lines from a hat

If you are a bunch of people knowing each other very well, this improv game may be a great laugh!

7. Bop it

You have to pay for it once, but I KNOW it’s worth it. It was the biggest fun on every party I ever saw it. You may buy it HERE.

What are your favorite party games? Tell me!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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