Best of Barcelona!

At the beginning of this month, I spend a few days in Barcelona together with my friend Isa 🙂 Here, I present you our best places and experiences. Due to the bad weather, we were most of the time inside buildings and soon we recognized, that this is also possible inside SHOPS (…it was an expensive trip 😉 ). – That’s why at the bottom of this post you will also find a list of nice stores.

Tapas Bars (our fav: Taller de Tapas)

Beautiful street bricks

Gaudis Casa Batlló

Fundació Joan Miró (…we saw there our absolute favourite paintings of him: Bleu I,II and III – gorgeous!)

The nicest district of Barcelona (full of bars and crowded places): Gràcia

Pintxos donostiarras at Irati– delicious canapés served like tapas

The colorful market la boqueria

Architectural digest: the Mies van der Rohe pavilion.

My top 3 stores list:
fet amb love
Pull and Bear
Womens Secret

Picture credits: II, III, V, VII, VIII by my pal Isa (for more information contact me). I, IV, VI appear after clicking the upper links. Central pic by Franzi.

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