November delights

It’s grey and cold outside. So, some treats are needed desperately. Here they come…

ASA crockery in knit design.

Funny felt birds from skandi-chick (Photo by Franzi, seen at Schäffer, Osnabrück).

Ball christmas pyramid from the German Erzgebirge.

Floral Ice Cubes.

This photo from oh_cloudberry.

Fortune cookies necklace.

Beautiful maiden braids and DIY instruction.

… and this heart-warming article.

All credits after clicking the links.

4 Kommentare zu „November delights“

  1. I don’t like to ever wash the cups you showed. It must be horrible to have coffee on the textile part. Further, there seems to be something wrong with the red bird photo. When looking at it in firefox there is a 5:1 chance it looks mixed up. (don’t ask me how this might happen, it simply should not, but does! )
    – big brother is watching your blog 😉

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