Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Since this category is named Arts and BOOKS, today I will present you one of the best books I read this year: Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I only realised on the book fair in Franfurt (where the german edition was advertised) that the book is destined for teens. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading it and I’m convinced it’s a nice book for all ages.

It tells the story about a young girl, which lives in a society a little bit in the future, where love is identified as a severe sickness. After their 18th birthday, all young adults are getting a surgery and after that they are not capable of loving anymore. They are not allowed to choose their partners themselfs, but a system based on an evaluation does it. The cruelty of this society really sticks with the reader and becomes even clearer when the main character starts to ask questions about what makes sense and what not.

Read it and let me know, what you are thinking about it. I would be happy to know!

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