Dreaming About … Just Baking!

Upper Row: Sweet Potato Casserole (The Domestic Front)Garden Keeper’s Pie (The First Mess)Vegetarian Lasagna (Food52).
Lower row: Pear Rosemary Danish (Food52)Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (Averie Cooks)Tomato Cobbler (a little saffron).

This is the last part of my little Dreaming About Baking series. Just a few more recipes I found and am lusting about trying out. At the weekend I will be back in my old flat in Osnabrück (with an oven). Now I simply have to decide which one of all this delicious sounding dishes I will prepare first ;).


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One thought on “Dreaming About … Just Baking!”

  1. Hmm they all look so yummi! If i were you i would go with either the garden keeper’s pie or the vegetarian lasagna.. making me hungy now ;-p

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