Boo!!! Halloween Is Coming Soon!

Only two more weeks left until it’s the night of the night – Halloween is coming soon! So, it’s time to prepare yourself: To find a fancy costume, to look for recipes for your Halloween party buffet or simply to get into the right mood. I will start with baking a few of those spooky spider cupcakes šŸ™‚

Have a nice start into the new week, full of nice surprises!

1-halloween-countdown-calendarFunny DIY idea: A Halloween countdown calendar! Via Handmade Charlotte.

Black-Widow-Spider-Cupcakes-2-702x1024A spooky treat: Black widow spider cupcakes! Via Fork and Beans.

maiiberlin hedgegogCostume inspiration I: A hedgehog! Via maiiberlin/etsy.

sara lowes blue rabbitCostume inspiration II: Blue Rabbit by Sara Lowes!

Costume inspiration III: Illuminated stick figure!

…And a song to get you into the right mood:

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