Notes of Berlin!

Notes of Berlin is a blog that has the intention to “be an homage to all the notes that are left in the Berlin cityscape day in, day out”. It’s a funny collection of lines written down from (mostly) unknown authors who would like to let the world know how they feel, are searching someone or just wanna make passers-by feel curious. It’s incredible how many notes one can find in a single city. Next week, I will be in Berlin again and surely will look around for new notes that I could send to this awesome blog!

I wish you a nice start into the fresh week. Keep your eyes wide open for all the hidden treasures around you!

AA-Fhain_MaximTranslation: “Empathy is not available on the App Store” Credit

AA-Wiesbadener-Str_Friedenau_Touchpad-Theke-768x1024 Translation: “This is not a touchpad counter. Touching doesn’t effect anything.” Credit

AA-Tempelhofer-Flugfeld_NK_Angelika-b-837x1024 Translation: “On Monday, April 28, I received a wonderful watering can from an unknown {gardening} gnome and was VERY happy about it. Who are you? Will you visit me on Monday, May 5, around 7.30 pm?” Credit




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