Smithonian Magazine: The Finalists of the 11th Annual Photo Contest!

The Smithsonian Magazine announced the finalists of their 11th Annual Photo Contest. From over 50,000 photographs 60 photos were selected. Now the Readers’ Choice winner in the six categories ‘Natural’, ‘Travel’, ‘People’, ‘Americana’, ‘Altered’, and ‘Mobile’ are open to vote (until May 6, 2014). I decided already which pics are my favorites. Gosh, I wish I would use my own camera more often … and also to have the possibility to travel a lot more around the world. Our planet has so much to offer!

I wish you a wonderful weekend, full with wild adventures and impressive scenes!

smithonian8Photograph by John Gamble (San Francisco, California). FINALIST: Mobile
Meeting face to face with a snow monkey, Gamble says he was able to get within a foot of this Japanese macaque at the Jigokudani Monkey Park. (Nagano, Japan, December 2012, iPhone 5)

smithonian7Photograph by Candy Feng (Starkville, Mississippi). FINALIST: People
Feng’s son is dwarfed by the looming majesty of a glacier at Fjallsárlón. “I stood there for a while, contemplating and admiring. I wanted to remember that moment forever,” says Feng. (Fjallsárlón Glacier, Iceland, June 2013, Canon 40D)

smithonian6Photograph by David Lazar (Brisbane, Australia). FINALIST: People
High in the mountains, a group of children play with a homemade soccer ball. (Quthing, Lesotho, December 2011, Nikon D700)

smithonian5Photograph by Aspen Wang (Hong Kong, Hong Kong). FINALIST: Natural World
Penguins on Ice. “Although my photo hardly does justice to describing the tenuous balance in Antarctica’s ecosystem, it has served to crystallize in my memory one of the last stretches of untamed and inarticulate lands on earth,” says Wang. (Antarctica, December 29, 2010, Canon PowerShot SX1 IS)

smithonian1Photograph by José De Rocco (Buenos Aires, Argentina). FINALIST: Natural World
Snails in Argentina. (Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 2012, Canon EOS 5D)

smithonian2Photograph by Matthew Zheng (San Francisco, California). FINALIST: Travel
“Navajo Bridge” is an image overlooking the Colorado River’s Marble Canyon. (Page, Arizona, August 2012, Canon 5D Mark II)

smithonian3Photograph by Graham McGeorge (Jacksonville, Florida). FINALIST: Natural World
McGeorge spent a quiet 6 hours trying to get the perfect image of this eastern screech owl out of its nest. (Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, April 2013, Canon 1D Mark III)

smithonian4Photograph by Daniel D’Auria (Tabernacle, New Jersey). FINALIST: Natural World
A coastal brown bear hunts for salmon on Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. According to D’Auria, “she epitomizes the raw beauty and awesome power of the Alaskan wilderness.” (Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, August 2012, Canon 1D Mark IV)

All pics from the website of the Smithsonian Magazine. All photos courtesy Smithsonian Magazine and the respective photographers. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details.

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