Happy Easter Ideas!

Happy EasterI, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X

Only two more weeks until Easter! …Wow, I just had a flashback – it’s not very long ago that I wrote my countdown to X-Mas and now already Easter is arriving. Impressing how fast time is running when you have a full schedule. So, maybe Easter is a good occasion to take a short break from ordinary life, to calm down a bit, to relax, to enjoy some time with friends and family, to decorate your home and maybe even do some hand-crafting and egg-painting with the kids. My pal Isa and me searched for some great happy easter ideas to prepare yourself for Easter.

Have a fun week with lots of creative projects … and look out for the next Special Monday post, which will be about Happy Easter Activities!

Thanks Isa for supporting me with this post. It’s a great co-production!

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