Summer Look

Eco Beach Look!

What do you wear when you’re going to the beach? I prefer a dress, a bikini, flip-flops, shades, a hat and a big beach bag. Since I am currently at the Baltic Sea to work on my sustainability project (okay, that was an understatment… ), I thought that it would be time to incorporate into […]

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Open Air!

Two weeks ago, I would never have imagined what I will say now: It’s a little bit too hot outside now (33°C). Five degrees less would be totally okay for me. But I try to stay outside these days as much as possible anyway. So it’s time to go through the wardrobe and look for

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The Summer Dress!

Finally – the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising! Yippee! It’s time to take our summer dresses out of the wardrobe and show them to the world. Can there be anything more convenient to wear for a girl when it’s hot outside?! Dresses are airy and fancy and you don’t need to think

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