Hello Sunshine Shirts!

Left by Armedangels – middle by Armedangels – right by Armedangels. Left by People Tree – middle by People Tree – right by People Tree. Outside it’s getting brighter and warmer. Hello sunny springtime! Time to wear the first airy shirts…  Here are some pretty examples. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If …

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Fresh Bed Linen!

 Left (Avocado Store) – Middle (Grüne Erde) – Right (Grüne Erde) Left (Grüne Erde) – Middle (Grüne Erde) – Right (Hess Nature) You may have recognized already that I am looking for a new flat right now. Should I ever find one here in Hamburg, I cannot await to decorate it. This will also be …

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Cozy Blankets!

 Left – middle – right. Left – middle – right. At the moment I am the cozy type. The whole day long I am thinking about lying down on my sofa, wrapped by a comfy blanket. …Not that I would ever really do it, but a girl has her dreams ;). Like always: All credits …

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Bright Colors!

Those are the last grey days of February. Time to brighten them up! I found some colorful pieces that will show those shades of grey that BRIGHT rules :)! I – II – III – IV  V – VI – VII – VIII Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are …

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Pretty Stationery!

Roller Pen – Sellotape Box – File Holder. Pen – Pencils – Notebook. What could make working on your desk more fun than pretty stationery? Those memo pens I use on a daily basis – I just love the smooth feeling of the wood in my hands :)! Like always: All credits appear after clicking …

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Let’s Dress Up for Party!

Tonight is the night! So, let’s dress up and celebrate into the new year! I – II – III – IV Have a wonderful party night! Big hugs & kisses! Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details.

Knits Knits Knits!

Those last few days were freezing cold. In Hamburg it feels like an icy wind is blowing at your face constantly when you’re outside. I wish I would have packed more knitwear into my luggage. So there’s nothing more to do than to dream about soft, warm and comfy (eco) knits … knits …knits! I …

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Autumn = Bordeaux!

Bordeaux is the color of autumn for me. It blends wonderful with dark greens and shades of rosé. So, every year when the leaves turn colorful, I inspect my wardrobe for bordeaux colored items. What about you? What’s your favorite color this season? I – II – III – IV – V – VI – …

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