Spotlight on: Musketeer & his new EP Seven Long Years!


In his just released studio EP Seven Long Years Australian singer-songwriter Musketeer (who very recently moved to Hamburg) explores quite a dark time of Australian and European history: It follows the journey of a 19th century British convict sent to the prison camps in Australia. The record combines old sea-tale story telling with a nu-folk musical sentiment. It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for singer-songwriters, especially if their music, voice and stories sound as authentic as Musketeer’s. Seven Long Years instantly had my attention. Luckily, I had the chance to ask him two questions:

Your EP deals with quite a dark time in the Australian and European history. Why did you decide on this topic?

Musketeer: I wrote this EP at a time when I was living in Australia’s second oldest city, Newcastle. I was considering the history of the place and my own European ancestry. Newcastle was a city built on mining and chain gangs. The British ravaged the landscapes and displaced the existing communities there. You can still see the same mining going on there today and the effect it has on people. I guess I thought that was something worth exploring and so I wrote a song about it, and then another, and it kind of transformed into this dark journey which you can now listen to on the EP.”

You just moved to Hamburg. What makes this city unique for you? Do you already have any favorite places?

Musketeer: “Hamburg is beautiful. I guess what makes Hamburg unique for me is that I am now one step closer to becoming a notorious pirate, plundering the choppy waters of the Elbe. Haha. Not really. But I love the river and there is a seaworthy grunginess to this city that I find very interesting.

There are also a lot of cool bars close to the river that I have slowly being discovering. I haven’t been here long enough to pick and choose the best ones yet, but Weinladen in St Pauli has very tasty wines… I guess I am more of a coffee gent. There is an abundance of delicious places that I like to go to. I would recommend Nord Coast, they roast their own coffee and have excellent waffles. Less Political is also pretty damn great. You can find them in the Schanze. The staff are warm hearted and hilarious and make a fine coffee. Can’t go past that.

Enjoy listening!

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A Funny Interview: Kirsten Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg!

Did you see this funny video? Kirsten Stewart & Jessi Eisenberg switch their questions during an interview. Guess who was feeling more uncomfortable :D.

I am off to Berlin now. Have a wonderful weekend!

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The First Year – Two Semesters in New York!

My first year at university is already 13 long years ago. That means 13 years in Osnabrück! I don’t remember much of this whirlwind of my first twelve months here. But it changed me … a lot. I had to learn to be responsable for myself. I moved flats two times – I lived the first time ever on my own. I met a wonderful men, who stayed in my life for many years. This first year is incredible fascinating and has an enormous importance in life. The New York Times knows this as well and asked last September twelve students across colleges to have their pictures taken. Two semesters later, they came back for another picture. Their changes are remarkably – as are their individual stories.

I wish you a wonderful weekend (I will be in Vienna!) with a lot of fascinating and remarkable experiences!

NY Uni1Ololade Oguntayo

Age 22, Los Angeles

Photography, Fashion Institute of Technology

I actually cut off my dreadlocks three weeks ago, so a lot of people who know me are doing double takes right now. I had them four years, so I kind of like that shock value. I’m thinking about doing a faux-hawk. Shave my sides, something crazy like that. Maybe add some colors. Have fun while I’m young because I don’t want to be stuck with one hairstyle forever, you know?

But I mean, I do want dreadlocks again — definitely. I say they were my pride. And when I do have them again, I want to stick with them. It’ll be like a commitment.

NY Uni2Matt Kelly

Age 19, Jupiter, Fla.

Film and television production, N.Y.U.

Eden Bach

Age 18, Brea, Calif.

Dance, N.Y.U.

Matt: As soon as I saw her I liked her. I met her the first week of school, but we started dating in November. So it’s been going on six months. We’re very happy together.

Eden: Our first date was the Empire State Building. He comes up with the best dates. On Easter, we went to Central Park and went row-boating.

Matt: We went ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. We’ve gone to Coney Island, in the pouring rain and freezing cold. I’m pretty good at trying to come up with really cool date ideas and then they fail. When we were new to New York I was like, let’s just get on the subway and get off at a random stop and explore an area. And so we just get off the subway, and we have no idea where we are — I still don’t know where it was.

Eden: And we just got right back on the subway.

NY Uni3Teddy Finkelstein

Age 19, Louisville, Ky.

Financial Economics, Columbia University

When you’re with your family 100 percent of the time, it’s easy to see past them, but when you take a step back and you go to college, and you don’t see your mom for a couple of months, you miss them a little bit more than you’d expect.

I have friends at state schools who went there for the fraternities and that sort of stuff, and that was never the route I expected to take. But I met a lot of the fraternity brothers here, and it was different than I imagined. It’s not a big party organization. There are only 11 in my class, and to know that everyone cares the same way that I do, to have that support, has been very clutch.

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