Essay: Looking at Night into Foreign Windows!

Pics by Franzi.

I love walking, even when it’s dark outside. It frees my mind, I finally end the day with the recommended 10,000 steps and some fresh air, smelling distinctively like the current season – filled with the thick scent of blooms in spring, sunny and dry in summer, humid and spicy on fall nights, clear and icy in the winter.

Strolling through the night

When it’s dark, only a few people are still outside. Everything is a lot quieter than during the day. Fewer passers-by, less chitchat, fewer cars. Life is going on inside the houses, not on the dark sidewalks outside. Strolling through the night is meditative. A good moment to recapitulate the day’s events or simply to let flow the thoughts.

A glimpse of life

Illuminated windows are like doors to other worlds. They show glimpses of the life  inside all those foreign houses: The family at their dinner table, the book shelves stacked with hundreds of thick volumes, the kitchen counter with a basket of fruits, the flicker of a TV. Passing all those light boxes, watching them for maybe two seconds, moving along, it’s easy to invent a very own story  about the just seen scenario: The family on the table maybe just speaks about an adventure the kid experienced the day, the bowl of fruits was maybe shopped on the farmers market this morning, the men in front of the TV is maybe enjoying his leisure time after a hard day at work.

Every window tells another story

I love those little insights into foreign worlds. It gives my own world another perspective. I am here, walking outside, those people are inside, having a great or maybe bad evening together or alone, living their life until tomorrow. Then everyone will leave his or her home again, a new day starts with all those new stories to experience.

As a kid I was living in Berlin, in a block of apartment houses. My bedroom window had a free view onto the 12-floor building opposite. There were around 100 windows. During a sleepless night I would sit on the window-sill and imagine a story for every illuminated window I saw. Those dream journeys into foreign lives made me calm and sleepy, until I was ready to go to bed again.

Today, coming home from those evening walks, I am also a lot more relaxed then when I left only half an hour ago. Here I am, letting the world outside. Closing the curtains. Switching on the light. There are a lot of stories out there. Now it’s time for my very own.

I wish you a wonderful week! Have one full of little stories :)!

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Perfect Places Pt. 10!

It’s spring. Outside it’s wonderful … and I am plagued by hay fever. Anyway, I do love this season. Those Perfect Places make me dream about spending even more time in nature right now!

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week. May it be a perfect one!

P.S. Perfect Places Pt.9!

Perfect Places Ana Rosa A flower shop … filled with wonderful scented & colorful blooms! Via Ana Rosa.

Perfect Places We Heart ItA book market … it’s such a thrilling and at the same time relaxing feeling to go through rows of used books on the search of a hidden treasure! Via We Heart It.

perfect places I Can See The Stars From AmericaSitting outside a coffeehouse, enjoying the mild air, the sounds of the street and a good brew! Via I Can See The Stars Of America.

Perfect Places My Inner LandscapeBeing on top of the world & enjoying the simple things! Via My inner landscape.

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A Wish List!

highestheelsPicture Credit

“I think as you grow older your Christmas list gets smaller and the things you really want for the holidays can’t be bought.” Unknown

Confidence in the things I do & care for.

A language trip to Italy. And time to eat, talk and relax.

More time with my grandparents.

A perfect start in the new city.

Always having enough time for the people I love – no matter where they live, or I.

To learn skiing.

More time for reading.

More time for writing.

Getting better on the clarinet.



Lots of great concerts!

A nice flat in the new city.

To be a good maid of honor.

To be a good godmother.


I wish you a perfect start into the X-Mas week. Have a happy one with cozy hours under the X-Mas tree with friends and family. XO!

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