Perfect Places Pt. 7… It’s Time Again!

It’s time again for another part of my Perfect Places series. It’s a happiness push for all who need it and a ‘life is beautiful’ statement for all who are happy anyway 😉 My dear (drama) friends: I look forward to all these things that I will experience with you in the future. You are all fab and life would be so so boring without you!

I wish you a week full of new experiences… and perfect places!

Nothing is better for a happiness push than a rustic garden BBQ with friends:perfect places5Credit

…or a party in the woods:Perfect Places6Credit

A bedroom flooded with sunlight – a place to dream yourself away:perfect places4Credit

…or a hammock & a picnic under a big tree:Perfect Places3Credit

… or a picnic on a green lawn on the top of everything:Perfect Places1Credit

A tiny & secret beach to escape the ordinary life:Perfect Places2Credit

Dedicated to someone who forgot the eggs on the stove and to another one who revealed a fab secret!

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