Shoes, shoes, shoooooes!

When Franzi asked me to be a guest blogger while she was gone having fun skiing (somebody has to do the work 😉 ) I immediately started thinking of my oh-so-beloved shoes! I must admit I have a lot of them. Many different kinds, many different colors and many of them that I never wear. But, there are still so many I would love to own. So I started digging through the web in search of shoes that touch my heart and soul. Have a look:

A0111A01V-Q00@1.1            M0011L000-Q11@3              AL011C000-T00@1.1M0011N001-Q11@6         N1611A01R-802@1.1          SP611N002-Q11@7.1

Click onto the pics to see the original sources/shops.

Finally, if there wasn’t a shoe that made you wanna spend a month’s salary on, try designing your very OWN shoe here:

UnbenanntClick onto the pics to see the original source.

I went ballistic the first times I designed the night away! But I didn’t actually buy one of the shoes. Too many possibilities and too little time and resources… One day I’ll try it out.

PS: The best way to check out a new shoe every day without the trouble of searching for it:

index 201400005373_2 201400005373_3 201400005373_4

Via Amazon.

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