Big trend: Coloured Jeans

They are quite everywhere right now and a few of you already asked me several times to make a post about them: Coloured jeans. I’m still a bit uncertain whether I like this trend or not. There are two big colour-schemes appearing: the pastel range and the bright and dominant ones. If I have two choose between them, I would go for the pastels since my legs are not really model-like and I believe a screaming colour would only underline this fact.

What about you? Are you already wearing coloured jeans. What do you prefer – the pastels or the brights? Let me know!

Pastel Colours:Β  Mavi Topshop H&M asos asos pepe jeans via zalando

Bright Colours: Promod asos Topshop Promod asos asos

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8 thoughts on “Big trend: Coloured Jeans

  • I wish I would already be wearing coloured jeans and I love the pastel ones! Next time I go shopping I’ll be keeping an eye out for them πŸ˜‰

  • Didn’t I refer to Miami Vice before? First the pastel colors, then the colored jeans. Whats next? Everybody wearing suits? πŸ˜‰ Oh, gosh. Suit up is already in everybody’s mouth for some time. Ahhhhhh…
    – bro

    • You now how it is – everything is coming back after a few years. And wait until my 1980s special in a few weeks ;). BTW, I already have a picture of you in my mind, wearing a mint coloured suit on our next family occasion…

  • I got one looking quite similar to the Bright Coulours no. I – No, in fact it belongs to my mother. But sometimes I’m allowed to wear it πŸ˜‰

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