Desirable Peacock Style

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(Male) Peacocks are fascinating creatures. Spread out, their iridescent tail feathers take more than 60 percent of the bird’s total body length. The colorful “eye” markings of blue, gold and red are used for mating rituals and females choose their partner depending on the size, colour and quality of the peacock’s feather train.1 Therefore, it’s no wonder we females cannot withstand the peacock look at all. And I have the impression, with the (hopefully soon) beginning of spring I see this style pattern even more often than usual.

Do you like peacock pattern/accessories? Would you wear it? Let me know!

Peacock Finds:

I Vogue Cover from 1911 (obviously this style was always up to date) via Flickr, II Peacock patterned silk dress by Traffic People via asos, III Peacock iPhone skin society6, IV Peacock Top by Apart via Zalando, V Peacock Nail (Wow!) via Flaunt Me, VI Peacock Peep Toes via etsy (I wanna have!).

Pretty Peacock Hair-Do:

…looks just elegant! Via Gettin Hitched.

Incredible Eye Make-Up:

…for VERY big nights out (or carnival). Still, somehow irresistible! Via The Berry.

Peacock Ink Art:

…Beautiful! Via Areatrendy.

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2 thoughts on “Desirable Peacock Style”

  1. Got some pretty peacock feather earrings which I haven’t worn for years. They belonged to my favourite pairs but at some point I kinda felt like a peacock wearing them 😉

    1. I understand this – peacocks are quite attention grabbing. But hey, they are also irresistable. Maybe you should give your earrings again a try 😉

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